Get Datafeeds information

Method: GET

HTTP Request

The parameters are passed into HTTP Request according to Key-Value pairs, begin the parameters with the sign “?” and separate the parameters with the sign “&”. Ex:

Query parameters

Result Description

Example (Using Postman tool to call API)

    "data": [
            "aff_link": "",
            "campaign": "lazadaapp",
            "cate": "thoi-trang-my-pham",
            "desc": null,
            "discount": 175000.0,
            "discount_amount": 0.0,
            "discount_rate": 0.0,
            "domain": "",
            "image": "",
            "merchant": "lazadaapp",
            "name": "Áo Thun Cao Cấp Hình Star Wars Coffee - MITADI – ASTE072",
            "price": 175000.0,
            "product_id": "224_AN273FAAA1FXLXVNAMZ-2293380",
            "promotion": null,
            "sku": "AN273FAAA1FXLXVNAMZ-2293380",
            "status_discount": 0,
            "update_time": "24-07-2018T01:02:19",
            "url": ""
    "total": 1

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